What You Should Know Before Undergoing Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation on the head is a complex procedure for which you need to be fully prepared. Nowadays, modern clinics are ready to carry out an effective, safe transplant. You can look at different hair transplant before and after photos to have an idea of the transformation you will get.

The choice of such medical institutions is too broad, but the number of proposals is steadily growing. It is extremely important to choose a genuinely reliable clinic. Today we will take a closer look at the key factors to consider before undergoing a hair transplant.

Choose a Qualified Surgeon/Clinic

Many experts consider this stage to be the most significant. It is the clinic’s level, the technologies and equipment used, and the surgeon’s skill that play a decisive role. The final result depends almost entirely on them. How to choose the right medical institution, a specific doctor?

The level of skill and experience of a particular clinic or specialist in trichology will be verified by public references and accreditation. Public references are also essential, so if you have opted for a specific medical institution/specialist, be sure to check what is written about it on the Internet.

Estimate the Stock of Donor Hair

The key point needs special attention: the main donor area is the back of the head. When the case is critical, baldness has already affected most of the head. Sporadic hair growth on the back of the head can cause a refusal to transplant.

baldnessIn such situations,hair transplanthair transplant qualified doctors in reputable clinics do not transplant the hair and deny the client to carry out the procedure for his own good. This can worsen the situation even more: a second transplant will no longer be possible due to the lack of grafts. One procedure will not give a result since it will visually become noticeable that there is not enough hair on the back of the head.

Find Out the Prices for the Procedure

Remember that the extremely low cost of hair transplant is hugely negative. The final budget of the operation depends on the number of transplanted grafts. After consultation, a complete examination, the specialist determines the exact volumes.

Choose the Correct Transplant Method

The most effective and widespread method is FUE hair transplant. It can be manual or mechanical (using a micromotor). In the FUT transplant, a thin strip of skin with hair is cut from the head’s back, and the edges are sutured. Donor grafts are removed from the strip and transplanted to the baldness area. The result is obvious – a scar on the back of the head, even if it is poorly visible. In this case, you need to wear a long hairstyle.