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When using carpet cleaning products, one significant factor that affects the level of cleanliness you will be attaining is the type of shampoo you are applying on your carpet. Although there are tons of carpet shampoos available, most of them are not effective enough to thoroughly clean your carpet. Instead of continually relying on industry cleaning products.

How to maintain your fresh carpet on your own

Blot… don’t rub!

Home ImprovementFirst, you need to find a dry white cloth or paper towel and blot – don’t rub – the stained area on your carpet, removing all solids and blotting inward towards the center of the stain. Second, you need to find a clear liquid detergent, preferably dish washing liquid to aid in removing the stain. The reason for clear detergent is because a lot of liquid detergents use harmful chemicals that can fade or discolor your carpet. After the detergent has completely removed the stain, remove the detergent by blotting with a damp white cloth or paper towel. Cover the area with a dry cloth or towel, compress it something heavy then leave it to dry for 24 hours.

Vacuum on a weekly basis

One of the most tedious chores of them all, vacuuming. The is because a lot of homeowners think to maintain a fresh carpet vacuuming need to be done on a daily basis. This is a carpet cleaning myth. Just ask yourself “If there is little to no traffic on my carpet, why do I need to vacuum it every day?” My point exactly.

Dirt and soil build up on carpet due to a high flow of traffic, especially with shoes on. So if your house is empty 6+ hours out of the day, and you maintain a strict rule of no shoes allowed on the carpet, vacuuming twice a week is efficient enough to maintain a clean carpet.

Know your cleaning products

Knowing what chemicals you are putting on your is important to the treatment of your carpet. Some carpet cleaners can not only be harmful to your carpet, but also to your health and environment. Some carpet cleaning products carry chemicals that are very hazardous to inhale. That’s why most professionals wear masks and advice you not to be in the house during the duration of the cleaning process.

Always read the labels

cleaningBe aware of the toxins and chemicals you are putting on your carpet and in the atmosphere of your home. Going green is a much safer and cleaner way to clean your carpet. Green cleaning products are made from natural or organic ingredients, thus make them biodegradable and non-toxic. These products are eco-friendly and are proven to be more efficient than manufactured carpet cleaners. Best of both worlds.

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