Different Types of Buffet Style Restaurants

Buffet dining originated back in the 16th Century in France, and up to today, it stands out to be a popular option for many restaurant customers. When defining a buffet, all you need to say is a meal where you serve yourself from several dishes placed on a sideboard or table.

Since its origin, restaurants are continuing to bring different restaurant styles centered around the buffet theme. From offering a buffet on special occasions, restaurants are using this buffet theme when doing their restaurant promotions. Moreover, restaurants interested in attracting a large number of guests use buffet as part of their catering services.

The following are the types of buffet style used in restaurants;

Cafeteria Style

It is a style that is less prevalent in many restaurants. In this buffet-style customers choose plates of food as they pass by while in a line. Here, the customer has several options of plates he or she can pick. For instance, the customer may end up with a plate with a dessert, a plate with a pre-made sandwich, and a bowl of soup.

buffet set table

All You Can Eat Buffet Style

It is the most popular style that offers guests a bang of their spent bucks. As the name suggests, you can see a customer can end up with a lot depending on what he or she chooses. In the all you can eat type of buffet, the customer pays once and can themselves from different stations, varying from dessert, a salad bar, and hot items station.

Special Occasion Style

It is a buffet style used in restaurants for special occasions or promotion purposes. A good example can be when a restaurant wants its customers to know about a new dish they are bringing. Or when a restaurant offers a special meal on a specific day, let’s say first Saturday of every month. Also, on occasions such as Father’s day, a restaurant may offer a special brunch buffet (special occasion style buffet) rather than the regular

Catered Style

It is the go-to buffet style used by restaurants when the restaurant is offering catering services to feed a magnitude of people quickly and efficiently. It is commonly used in holiday parties, weddings, and businesses. Restaurants interested in expanding their business can use this catered buffet style.

Healthy Concept Style

buffet indian food restaurantIt is an ideal option for restaurants centered around healthy food theme. It is becoming a typical style of buffet used in restaurants because the health standards are now becoming concerned with the types of foods offered in a restaurant. Now restaurants are offering a buffet full of salads or generally healthy foods in place of the usual heavy meat selection. This type of buffet can also come as a healthy all you can eat kind of buffet.

A buffet is not only beneficial to the customer but also the restaurant. A good friend of mine referred me to this list of the top buffets by MilwaukeeHub.com, they have a list of restaurants using these buffet style to draw in more customers. Additionally, if a restaurant knows how to price their buffet menu, they can increase their profit margins and cut down on the food costs.

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