An Overview Of Core Drilling Methods And Its Application

There are two main areas or surfaces where the input of a core drilling machines in needed. The two main types of surfaces encountered during major concrete works are the reinforced and non-reinforced surfaces. These two surfaces are drilled differently considering that they have different surface or structural properties. For instance, the amount of pressure needed to drill past a steel bar is different from the one required to drill concrete. Use of the wrong Cement Core Drills might only end up destroying the drill bit or wasting your valuable time. Therefore, it is important to ensure you have a core drilling machine that is equal to the task at hand.

What is Core Drilling?drilling equipment

Core drilling is a method used to drill past different type of concrete structures. It is one of the best methods to use when drilling a hole. Unlike other methods, it does this without causing too much damage to the surface. The core drill is the machine responsible for digging past concrete structures. The main types of drill bits used for these types of jobs are made from steel or diamond. Diamond is highly preferred when you want a neat finish or precise cutting. Unlike traditional drilling methods, diamond drilling is also comprehensive and environmentally sound.

Diamond core drilling

When looking at core drilling methods, diamond drilling is considered to be a superior drilling technique. The decision to choose diamond over other drilling methods is justified by a number of benefits associated with diamond drilling. Some of the benefits include:

  • Gives precise cuttings
  • Can be used on both reinforced and non-reinforced concrete
  • Can be used in exploration drilling – drilling hard rocks
  • Produces less vibrations
  • Cost effective

Surfaces where core drilling methods are used

Reinforced concrete

core drillingAs expected, drilling through reinforced concrete is challenging and takes long. This explains why core drilling methods that used diamond are adopted in this procedure. However, it also puts the drill under a lot of stress. Moreover, since reinforced concrete are considered to be a special type of composite material, the diamond bit experiences varying forces due to the different material properties.

Pure concrete

Drilling concrete is relatively different from drilling reinforced concrete. As such, with a core drilling machine, it is fairly easy to drill holes with large diameters. Drilling is achieved by subjecting concrete to yielding pressures. As such, the drilling mechanism depends on crack propagation caused by the pressure. This creates a way for the core bit to find its way into the concrete.

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